Analysing the Digital: Transformations, Territories, Frames and Uses

An ontological framework to analyse digital space. Published in The Design Journal / Proceedings of the 12th European Academy of Design Conference, 2017.

Towards Experience Design

The definition for an emerging discipline: Experience Design. Published by Danish Designers.

From design to Design

What is Design? Published by Danish Designers.

The Age of Stance

This article presents concepts for new viewpoints in the relationship of marketing and design: ego-brands, communities of stance, co-creation, product presence. Published by Danish Designers.

Alchemy of Cultures

Mario Gagliardi discusses the influence of culture on branding and design. Here, he argued as the first author in design management for the inclusion of cultural factors within the design process. Published by Design Management Institute (USA).

Transcribing Codes: Models for Cultural Fit in Branding

Following up on the article 'Alchemy of Cultures', this article describes a practical framework for 'cultural fit' in design and branding.

A New Taxonomy of the Design Process

This article discusses the creative process and the broad potential of generative design. Published by Danish Designers.

Imitated, Commodified, Experienced (Imiteret, kommercialiseret, oplevet)

A new framework for the integration of design in business by analyzing global economic development stages. Published by the DDC - Danish Design Center. (Danish/English).

La Marca Es...

In this article, Mario Gagliardi introduces brand metaphors and the concept of 'contact points' for products and brands. Published by Identico (Spanish).

지식경제시대 디자인이 짊어질 기회와 도전

This article discusses the challenges and chances for design management in the age of the knowledge economy. Published by Monthly Design (Korean).

Where will Design go from here?

New considerations on functionality for digital product narratives. Published by Monthly Design (Korean).

The Message of Objects

Analysing the Narratives of Product Design: What makes a product 'fun'? Published by the Korean Institute of Design Promotion in "Future of Industrial Design" (Korean).

Mit dem Design Briefing zum Unternehmensziel

How to write an effective Design Briefing. Published by Austrian Designstiftung (German).